SK’s plum torte

In America, there are a number of foods that are readily available and fairly affordable, and you probably eat them regularly without thinking twice about it. You should. Take a minute. Really, appreciate it. I’m not talking about the last time you ate out at a nice restaurant, I’m saying to take a minute and [...]

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overnight pumpkin oats

Yesterday, I stopped in a number of little shops that I don’t normally go into on the main market looking for fresh ginger. Berkane’s all out of fresh ginger this week, but I met a handful of very friendly shop owners who were thrilled at the chance to finally talk to me. I’ve seen you [...]

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polish yogurt cake with figs

The past two weeks back in Berkane, I’ve been trying to settle into my new fall school schedule. I know that in America, most kids have been at school by now for a week or two at least; in Morocco, school officially started this week but not many people have showed up yet. On a [...]

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watermelon three ways

Mike and I got the opportunity to catch a triple feature last month: travel to see his parents (in Morocco), travel to see my parents (in Ireland) and travel for the two of us (in Italy). There are a million moments I would like to share, but since this is a food blog, I’ll stick [...]

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breakfast bread pudding

Sometimes blogging for me is purely¬†aesthetic, sometimes it’s a way to share stories with family at home, other times its a space for personal reflection that I hope connects with something you’re experiencing too. So bear with me for a journaling post. A series of interesting things have happened at work lately: a (belated) Global [...]

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caramel chocolate chip cookies

For some people, spring may be a time of new beginnings. For me as a teacher, it is the culmination of the school year’s work and the busiest time of the year. I’m not sure how common it is for Peace Corps Volunteers to feel overwhelmed with work, but I’m running around like a chicken [...]

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tomato soup like home

Winter in Morocco is not quite the winter that I’m used to having grown up in Minnesota. In my humble opinion, if there isn’t a final-hurrah snow storm in April it doesn’t really deserve to be called winter. Winter conjures up sledding, slick streets and rosy cheeks. And it definitely¬†means weather below 32 degrees. I [...]

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seasonal spring salad

I have reached the one-year mark of living in Morocco! While on the one hand there are many accomplishments that I am proud of and am usually good at recognizing and remembering, this past week I have found myself more frustrated than ever. Wasting my time waiting for my counterpart to get her act together [...]

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lemon cream cake

Happy International Women’s Day! It’s turned into a full week of events here in Berkane, from English lessons to arts and crafts activities, a structured English debate and a movie showing. In addition to the sixty or so students that come to our regular weekday lessons, we managed to pull off a last-minute shindig with [...]

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chicken pot pie

I am a celebrity. People know me. They know who I am, where I’m going, and what I do. Unfortunately, no one seems to realize this in Berkane. I spent last week in Tissa, a muddy little mountain village an hour north of Fez. I was there to help the new group of incoming volunteers [...]

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caramel date cake

Berkane is chalk full of surprises. There’s the everyday surprise (no one showed up to class when 30 came last week?), the occasional culinary surprise (There’s a store that sells dark chocolate?), the chuckle-inducing surprise (My yoga student did Bakasana and fell over laughing!) and the uncomfortable new discovery (They seriously use that much oil [...]

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winter panzanella salad

This week, Morocco celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed. Although traditionally birthdays aren’t celebrated in Islam, the kids get two weeks off of school, many businesses are closed for the day including the youth center, and people throw a big party. Berkane’s first annual festival is happening the week to commemorate the day, which [...]

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kefta sliders

I’m cooking and blogging instead of studying for the GRE. I know this. In the last twenty-four hours, I have made banana-date bread, peanut butter, chestnut-white bean bisque, potato salad, deviled eggs, white bean veggie burgers and kefta sliders. I have memorized only 25 new vocabulary words. It’s becoming a bit of a problem, with [...]

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apple cider and spiced apple muffins

I haven’t forgotten that fall has already passed and we’ve moved into winter (believe me I know, it’s a battle to stay warm every night), but I’m not quite ready to let fall foods go just yet. It doesn’t seem like many of the ingredients for Christmas food are available, but frankly, I haven’t really [...]

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